Terrazzo Collection
Terrazzo has a long tradition as a material aesthetic: the coarse-grained look has offered the perfect blend of longevity and elegance since antiquity. HIMACS has now adopted the trend with two colours, which both combine perfectly with their typically coarse-grained, ‘splattered’ look. The Terrazzo Collection is especially suitable for the hospitality and gastronomy sector, as well as for any other high-traffic public building.
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Case studies
HI-MACS® embraces the Terrazzo trend with two new colours
HI-MACS® - Terrazzo Classico Q001, Terrazzo Grigio Q002
Other collections
Volcanics Collection
The large particles of the Volcanics shades add a sense of style to any design. When used on a large scale the result is a dramatic showpiece. Three colours from the Volcanics range contain recycled content for an environmentally friendly solution with a luxurious natural stone look.
Lucia Collection
This collection focuses on the natural trend colours black, white and grey. The lively and homogeneous structures add character and expression to the colours. Not surprising, as the renowned Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders, designed three of these colours.