A sunshade façade in the 1950s spirit of the seaside

For many years now, HI-MACS® has been assisting architects, designers, carpenters, woodworkers, interior designers and other with their projects, from the simplest to the most exotic. As a result, it has been used on a daily basis by everyone for whom passion is a part of their DNA. Their creativity, not to mention their boldness, leads them on a quest for perfection, pushing the limits of craftsmanship.

One of those wonderful encounters features Kazéhana & Tuillière. Their creation of a stunning facade for this contemporary villa was designed by the architect Thomas Danin and is tucked away in a seaside cove in Vaux-sur-Mer, France.

Soluna: Part sunshade, part façade

In the spirit of the famous sunshades that marked the architecture of the city of Royan in the 1950s, three large, elegant panels made of HI-MACS® personalise this façade. Spread over 10 metres of sliding rails, their graphic design plays with the sun and the moon to create amazing effects of light and shadow.

The specifications for this home facing the Atlantic were extremely demanding, which is why Kazéhana & Tuillière selected the best materials, like HI-MACS®, for the high-end contemporary panels.

The subtle reflections project all the way into the house, causing light and shadows and breathing life into a multifaceted wall design that changes throughout the day. In addition, the pure white of HI-MACS® Alpine White adds an extra touch of delicate, refined brightness.

“The luminosity of the material is fantastic. Pure, matt white made of natural minerals, super-silky to the touch and ultra-durable. The light that it reflects is so elegant, even soothing, as our clients so often tell us. For custom-made creations that are full of finesse, we needed a material with the high quality of HI-MACS®!” remarks Julien Tuillière.

Over and above the fabulous thermal comfort, intimacy and aesthetics provided by the façade panels, they endow the house with a specific identity, so it stands out from the rest.

The panels’ design was crafted to suit a theme requested by the client, using the sun and the moon as the main components. Based on that, the designer Harumi Kazéhana sketched Soluna, a pattern adorned with suns and moons, in a blend of simple lines and curves.

Moving from the sketch to fulfilment took many different steps, each one carried out with care, passion and precision, combining digital processes with craftsmanship.

The Soluna installation comprises three one-piece panels measuring almost 360 cm in height by 85 cm in width. The track cover was also made of HI-MACS®, a small detail that made all the difference.

“More than just a source of inspiration, a real synthesis was established between our creative process and the HI-MACS® material. For people like us, who love light and uncompromising finishes, that material allows us to express ourselves freely, by working it in rather unconventional ways. The most stimulating part for us was that HI-MACS® is able to wonderfully convey all of the sensitivity and emotions that we put into our work.” enthuses Julien.


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