Solids Collection
The classic in terms of solid surfaces – a wide range of attractive shades of white lies at the heart of this collection. Complemented by colourful, dynamic uni-shade accents from Lemon Squash to Festival Pink. The timeless collection offers the perfect colour for every design.
Case studies
A splash of colour in the bathroom from Not Only White and HI-MACS®
HI-MACS® Alpine White S028, Almond S002, Sapphire S303, Ruby S302, Coffee Brown S100, Deep Indigo S115, Festival Pink S116 Photo credits: Not Only White
Gagarin Airport
Saratov, Russia
Architectural Concept: Asadov - VIP Lounge: VOX Architects
HI-MACS® S028 & S302 – store walls, the space capsule, the welcome desk, the bar and the Gagarin panel in the VIP area
An Apartment Bursting With Fruit Flavor, Made With HI-MACS®
Tokyo, Japan
Adam Nathaniel Furman, UK
HI-MACS® Sapphire and Ruby, from the Lucent collection
Other collections
Ultra Collection
At the forefront of innovation as always, LX Hausys recently introduced two new products. First HIMACS Ultra-Thermoforming, an innovative formula that pushes the boundaries of solid surface shaping to a whole new level, with 30% more thermoplastic capabilities - the biggest innovation for the Solid Surface history since its inception in 1967. Now, HIMACS Intense Ultra, combining the characteristics from two disparate worlds: Intense Colour Technology and Ultra-Thermoforming.
Lucent Collection
Translucency and effective use of light are decisive design elements of contemporary architecture – the shades of the Lucent Collection, with their exceptional light translucency, allow for spectacular designs. Whether effectively backlit or simply illuminated, the Lucent colours of the architecture always add an elegant touch thanks to their characteristic reaction to light.