Rights of the Data Subject Request Forms

1. To Access Personal Data relating to You (‘Access to Personal Data’)
2. To Modify/Rectify Personal Data relating to You (‘Rectification of Personal Data’)
3. To Delete Personal Data relating to You in its Entirety or Partially (‘Deletion of Personal Data’)
4. To Limit Certain Processing  of Your Personal Data (‘Limitations of the Processing of Personal Data’)
5. To Request Data Porting of Your Personal Data (‘Personal Data Portability’)
6. To Object on Certain Processing of Your Personal Data (i.e. profiling) (‘Objection to the Processing of Personal Data’)
7. To Inquire into the Automated Decision-Making relating to Your Personal Data (‘Automated Decision Making’)
8. To Withdraw from Certain Consent Made to Process Your Personal Data (‘Withdrawal of Consent to Personal Data Processing’)
In order to submit a request related to any of the above mentioned rights to LG Hausys Europe GmbH, please download and fill-in the dedicated form, and send it to us by email or Post at any of the following addresses:
By e-mail: 
By Post:
LG Hausys Europe GmbH
  • Address: Lyoner Street 15, 60528, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Phone: (49)-69-583-029 469
  • E-Mail: gdprweb@lghausys.com