A House – A Solid Surface – A Vision

The house in which in terms of materials and appearance the highlight is the substance which is used generously throughout the entire building: HI-MACS®.The Solid Surface material is found in nearly every detail of the house – from the interior areas to the terrace and the parapet cladding.

The idea is the result of the experience of the owner with HI-MACS® fabrication. After successfully concluding a variety of HI-MACS® projects, Karl Dreer was persuaded to use the innovative properties and sophisticated appearance of the material for his own private house. “HI-MACS® provides the opportunity of creating nearly any design in nearly any building - regardless of unusual weathering conditions, high degrees of moisture or enormous loads. It exceeds the standard material limits”, confirmed the builder.

Borrowing from the Bauhaus style, the geometry here speaks a clear formal language. The reduced aesthetics of modern construction with a flat roof, cube towers and clear basic forms represents a desire for minimalism and symmetry.

As soon as one enters the generous, bright and rectilinear house, the modern interior embodies generosity and elegance down to the last detail.

In the kitchen, however, purism meets clarity. It is located on one side with an array of sofas on the other. The whole furniture including worktop and sinks are made also from HI-MACS®.

In the living room, side tables faces the 2.3 metres long open gas fireplace, completely encased in HI-MACS® and even with a frame for a flat screen TV.

Outside the house, when the sliding doors are opened, a white shimmering HI-MACS® floor is revealed with a view of a striking, square pool.

The builder is fully convinced by the innovative mineral material – self-designed garden furniture made completely from HI-MACS® is already being planned for the spring. Planning with a love for detail and the use of high-quality materials will remain in focus here as well.



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