Hotels and restaurants
HIMACS creates visual, statement features in the trendiest of bars, the most upmarket of restaurants and the happening clubs. Almost every ambience a designer might wish to create can be achieved with the diverse properties of the material.
Other applications
Photo credits

Design: Nuca Studio, architect: Robert Marin, fabricator: Atvangarde Surfaces, photo: Stelian Popa


Infinite design possibilities for reception desks and design furniture

HIMACS creates visual, statement features in bar and restaurant interiors, and hotels. From the reception desk to furniture elements, bathroom areas and the spa interior design.

HIMACS helps to create impactful design elements in hotels thanks to its outstanding aesthetics and thermoplastic ability, while still being a material that is robust and fire resistant – all of which are characteristics that clients in the hospitality industry require.

Being in a public space in constant contact with guests, the material’s durability is a key aspect, and HIMACS has a long service life and is easy to maintain. Likewise, its non-porous surface makes it totally hygienic, easy to clean and pleasant to the touch.

Main Features

Infinite design possibilities
Thanks to its large colour pallet, thermoforming, inconspicuous jointing and translucent properties HIMACS provides a limitless range of possibilities for even the most ambitious designs.
A robust and durable material
All high-traffic, high-strain areas require a highly functional, durable material. Stores and exhibition spaces are no exception. Fortunately, HIMACS has no trouble meeting all these criteria.
Easy to maintain
HIMACS is hard-wearing, extremely repellent to stains and is therefore very easy to look after.
Loyalty is rewarded in the long-term with a 15-year warranty for products fabricated and installed by a member of the HIMACS Quality Club.
Easy to clean
HIMACS is a completely homogenous material. As it does not have any pores, you can simply and easily clean it with a damp cloth or sponge and a mild detergent.
Thanks to its non-porosity and hygienic properties the NSF institute certifies that HIMACS is suitable for use in public health related areas, where contact with food and drinking water means cleanliness is paramount.
Fire resistant
Backed up with numerous certificates that attest of its fire resistance (DIN 4102-1 - class B1, warrington fire - class 0), HIMACS is ideal for places where security is the number 1 criteria of choice.

Case studies

HIMACS lends luminosity to The Paradise Now bar in Düsseldorf
Location The Paradise Now, Düsseldorf, Germany
Design Moritz von Schrötter, Charles Bals, Walid El Sheikh
Fabrication Schreinerei Karl Heller GmbH
Material HIMACS M428 Ispani, S006 Arctic White and S022 Black
The 1841 coffee and espresso bar in Glasgow uses HIMACS for some Italian flair
Location Glasgow, Scotland
Design Susanne Sharif
Fabrication Simon Harlow
Material HIMACS Q001 Terrazzo Classico
Hotel Moxy in Lisbon uses HIMACS in key areas
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Design Broadway Malyan
Fabrication Horta & Verissimo
Material HIMACS, S108 Marta Grey, S028 Alpine White