Sinks, Bowls & Basins, Shower Trays and Baths
With HIMACS’s comprehensive range of sinks, bowls & basins, baths and shower trays, creative planners have all the options to design functional and tasteful kitchens and bathrooms, sanitary facilities, hospitals and much more. With the exception of some bathroom bowls, all these products are designed to be flush- or under-mounted, in combination with HIMACS sheet materials.
HIMACS Sinks are produced using a high-quality casting technique. No matter which product you choose from our extensive, eminently combinable selection, all sinks are flush-mounted into the countertop or installed below the surface. Special custom-made creations are also an option.
HIMACS Basins offer superb ease of cleaning and a warm and pleasant feel, making them the ideal solution for creating the bathroom of your dreams. They are manufactured using a casting process and ideally suited for both flush mounting and installation onto a bathroom vanity top.
These baths from HIMACS are perfect for the bathroom - they transform it into an all-round feel-good experience. Sleek, but also functional, these tactile baths give a beautiful, practical finish to your bathroom. All baths are designed for integrated installation. The bath is merged into the panel, resulting in a visually seamless entity: and no visible joins means it is easy to maintain with super-hygienic surfaces.
HIMACS Shower Trays
HIMACS is the perfect material, with its warm, silky smooth feel and fantastic properties, it is an easy clean and totally hygienic finish for any bathroom. The shower trays from HIMACS offer all of these advantages and more: three simple models extend the opportunities to bring the design and functional features of the bathroom to the forefront.
HIMACS Baby Bath
Nothing less than the maximum level of hygiene, ergonomics and warmth is good enough for the neonatal ward of any hospital. With ultra-soft corners and contours ergonomically designed specifically for babies, the new HIMACS Baby Bath is the perfect product for babies' first baths of their lives.