HI-MACS® for Naples International Airport  

HI-MACS® has been used for the expansion and restyling work at Naples International Airport, demonstrating once again that this material is perfectly suited for breathing life into the highest-level projects.

At the passenger terminal, significant expansion and restyling projects have been carried out, to which the architect Antonio De Martino, co-founder of Gnosis Architettura, has contributed by stamping his own stylish signature on the atmosphere of the terminal, using a defined portfolio of materials.

Among these, one material which has enabled him to fully express a clear architectonic style is HI-MACS®, which, made up of minerals, natural pigments and acrylic, offers a wide range of structural benefits. HI-MACS® is resistant to fire, scratching and shock, but above all, its pore-free surface prevents any build-up of dirt, bacteria, mould and dampness, ensuring that it remains clean and completely hygienic.

HI-MACS®, used in both architecture and interior design to create façades and furniture, is ideal for use in internal and external contract environments because it is so easy to maintain. After years of use, it can be reworked to eradicate any deep damage and marks such as stains and even graffiti, sprucing up its appearance to ensure that it looks as good as it did on the very first day.

Solid Surface was used throughout this long process of design and building, since it can be readily adapted to an extremely wide range of uses and functions while fitting in effortlessly with the ad hoc design ideas used in this complex infrastructure.

In an environment enriched with marble and stonework for the original paving and walls, thanks to his collaboration with Ares srl and HI-MACS® distributor Luigi Strumolo spa, the architect was able to insert made-to-measure furnishings in acrylic stone, whose gentle forms are in marked contrast to the surrounding environment made up of geometric shapes jutting out, thereby creating a highly dynamic overall effect.


*Special Thanks to Ge.S.A.C. SpA for the images


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