LG Eco-City garden, featuring the new HI-MACS® concrete colours, wins Silver Gilt at the Chelsea Flower Show  

The LG Eco-City garden has won a Silver Gilt award from the Chelsea Flower Show 2018 in the Show Garden category. LG Hausys Solid Surface and LG Electronics partnered with landscape architect Hay Joung Hwang to create the ‘Eco-City’ show garden for the show.


“A modern yet relaxed feel, coupled with a simple, formal layout with its impressive pavilion, makes this beautiful garden by designer Hay Joung Hwang an appealing place to be” enthused the judges at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The garden was designed to replicate the amount of outdoor space available to city living, where apartments might be built on top of each other. So every inch of space is utilised – even including a living wall inside the kitchen area. The outside area is a sunken patio, surrounded by box-hedging, with stone steps leading up to the kitchen area. There are also stepping stones leading to the rest of the garden, and water feature, and natural herb area. On each corner of the hedging is a joyous flowerbed, filled with colourful flowers such as yellow and white lupins, white aquilegia vulgaris, Geum in Tangerine and Trollius Lemon Queen. According to a new report, over 50,000 people are dying from pollution in the UK every year, so the LG Eco-City garden aims to reduce pollution through the use of specially selected trees, plants and shrubs, and provides a replicable blueprint for inner-city high rises.

The entire living space was clad using LG Hausys’ HI-MACS® in the new Concrete Colours. Alongside the huge sliding glass doors (provided by Lightfoot Windows), the HI-MACS® gives an exotic, industrial finish to this space-age building. HI-MACS®, is a Solid Surface material that can be moulded into any shape and is widely used for architectural and interior applications, for its simple contemporary aesthetic. At the same time, HI-MACS® has extremely high performance attributes, is UV resistance and can provide a seamless finish. In the garden, the magnificent outside TV is also surrounded by HI-MACS®, as is the relaxing water feature at the back of the garden. The seating area on the sunken patio also uses HI-MACS® – combining an easy to maintain finish, with ultra-chic, on-trend material finish. The concrete colours come in five shades, from pale Urban Concrete to a dark Ebony Concrete.

The living area, and the water feature, both clad in HI-MACS®.

Landscape architect Hay Joung Hwang said, “As the populations of our cities increase, and more and more high-rises are built, air and noise pollution also worsens. My design provides a vision for sustainable, eco-city living, providing green space that can be replicated vertically in these high rises. It provides a living environment that increases people’s well-being, as well as directly addressing the issues of air-pollution.”

Hay’s design also shows how a spacious terrace area seamlessly connects with a beautifully-designed Boffi kitchen space with the very best built-in kitchen appliances from LG. The garden also incorporates a relaxing seating area, incorporating running water features that filter out noise pollution and immersive digital art showcased through the true-to-life colours and perfect blacks of an LG SIGNATURE OLED TV.

To complete the LG partnership, LG Hausys also provided luxury vinyl floor tiles in the living area, which use an innovative locking system – DECOCLICK – to give the appearance of natural wood.


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