Biennale di Venezia | Alpex Architecture has choosen HIMACS to create The Viewing Room

Exhibited at the ECC (European Cultural Centre) space in Palazzo Mora, The Viewing Room is a project designed by Laura Petruso and Oliwia Durak of Alpex Architecture, and it has been created entirely in HI-MACS®.

The Viewing Room installation by Alpex Architecture, presented at the Biennale Architectura 2021, and created by DFORM, the HI-MACS® Solid Surface fabricator, consists of an individual room in which visitors are invited to experience the strong relationship between art and emotion through the dimensions of time, space and existence ("TIME, SPACE, EXISTENCE").

Designed to accommodate a single person, The Viewing Room provides the illusion of being present at a live art exhibition with audio/video projections in a "tailor-made" physical space, in which the intense relationship between the visitor, creativity and sensations becomes the entire raison d'être of the installation.

Human perception of space is defined through light and materials, two deeply interconnected, co-dependent and complementary elements. Light, which plays a crucial role in this project, is emphasised here thanks to the innovative HI-MACS® Opal Solid Surface from the Lucent collection. The colours in this range are characterised by their translucence, which enables the material to interact with a light source and create extraordinary visual effects, lending sharper definition to the actual space.

HI-MACS® is the perfect material for art installations, since the absence of visible joints guarantees a smooth and continuous surface, while its incredible thermoforming characteristics allow any shape and type of project to be created. Its extreme resistance to knocks and scratches allows the material to withstand intensive use, as in the case of this interactive exhibition. Solid Surface is also highly resistant to wear and tear over time, as well as having exceptional flame-retardant properties and forming an incredibly hygienic surface.

ECC (European Cultural Centre)

Palazzo Mora - Venice

22 May - 23 November 2021


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