HI-MACS Exteria® Collection
For years, spectacular façades have been made from HI-MACS® all over the world. In doing so, the advantages are often skilfully crafted: Relief milling with writing, samples with company logos, a combination of spectacular light effects and curvy designs. And every good design inspires the next big thing. Together, we can now take the next steps. With HI-MACS Exteria®, LG Hausys is expanding exterior possibilities.

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Case studies
HI-MACS® lights up a Retail Park´s façade in Edinburgh
Newcraighall, Edinburgh
Leonard Design Architects
Independent Furniture and Interiors, Glasgow
HI-MACS® S302 Opal and S034 Diamond White
Villa Wiese
Berlin, Germany
Dipl.-Ing. Volker Wiese
Kiebitzberg GmbH & Co.KG, Germany
HI-MACS® façade panels S728 Alpine White with KEIL undercut anchor KH
An extraordinary entrance in HI-MACS® for HanseMerkur
Siegfried-Wedell-Platz1, Hamburg, Germany
Querkopf Architekten GmbH, Wasfy Taha, Fionn Mögel
Likoo / Betriebsgesellschaft GmbH
HI-MACS®-FR Alpine White S728 (12 mm)

S728 HI-MACS®-FR (Alpine White) is the fire resistant formulation, which for many years, has offered increased fire resistance – certified by the ETA.

  • S828 HI-MACS®-UV+ (Alpine White) is the new exterior formulation offering even better UV resistance, which is particularly important when the façade is exposed to high levels of sunlight.
  • All other HI-MACS® colours labelled with a sun symbol can also be used outdoors.
Other collections
Lucent Collection
Translucency and effective use of light are decisive design elements of contemporary architecture – the shades of the Lucent Collection, with their exceptional light translucency, allow for spectacular designs. Whether effectively backlit or simply illuminated, the Lucent colours of the architecture always add an elegant touch thanks to their characteristic reaction to light.
Solids Collection
The classic in terms of solid surfaces – a wide range of attractive shades of white lies at the heart of this collection. Complemented by colourful, dynamic uni-shade accents from Lemon Squash to Festival Pink. The timeless collection offers the perfect colour for every design.