An extreme cold chamber in HI-MACS®, under test in ice and snow

In  2011 Globetrotter Ausrüstung opened a new branch at the Isartorplatz in Munich, Germany. In a retail area of 6,500 square metres outdoor enthusiasts can find everything their hearts desire: a range which includes rain chambers, canoe pools, climbing tunnels and also a high-altitude cold chamber made usingHI-MACS®.

In the former Rieger City, the new branch emerged as a complex building with 32 levels: Globetrotter Ausrüstung have invested more than eight million Euros in the store conversion. The planning and implementation of the outdoor store was entrusted to the Hamburg architect Prof. Holger Moths, who had already been entrusted with the conversion works for the Globetrotter branches in Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt and Cologne.

One of the particular features in Munich is the 125 square metres high-altitude cold chamber which allows customers to test equipment and clothing at arctic temperatures or to use training equipment to prepare themselves for upcoming expeditions: to do this, the weather and altitude conditions of the trekking and expedition area are simulated.

The material for the chamber shell was supplied by LG Hausys, Geneva: HI-MACS® Solid Surface in the colour Opal had qualities which corresponded to the architect’s vision. “The light diffusion by HI-MACS® was better in the chamber than that of the competitor products, and the colour range easily persuaded us too”, explains architect Holger Moths. The translucency of the Solid Surface material also contributed to the decision as it also provided optimum emphasis on the cold nature of the chamber. The material can be processed in a similar way to wood but is significantly more robust. The non-porous surface makes it resistant against external influences and particularly easy to care for. Thanks to the smooth processing the cold chamber has finally been produced which contains interesting optical aspects, not least on account of its monolithic external character.

Globetrotter also recently opened a new store in Dresden with a cold chamber made of HI-MACS®.


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