Wether it is used for hexagonal tables with internal lighting, honeycomb-shaped shelving, engraved counters or thermoformed seating, HI-MACS® provides limitless design options. Its versatility produces furniture creations that could otherwise not be achieved using conventional materials.
Other applications
Photo credits

Producer: MDF Italia, photography: Studio Controluce

Main Features

Infinite design possibilities
Thanks to its large colour pallet, thermoforming, inconspicuous jointing and translucent properties HI-MACS® provides a limitless range of possibilities for even the most ambitious designs.
Loyalty is rewarded in the long-term with a 15-year warranty for products fabricated and installed by a member of the HI-MACS® Quality Club.
Thanks to its non-porous and seamless joined surface, HI-MACS® is particularly easy-to-clean, insuring the highest standard of hygiene.

Case studies

Frankfurt Airport’s new Open Air Deck
Location Roof terrace "Open Air Deck" Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 1, Germany
Design 3deluxe transdisciplinary design
Fabrication Georg Ackermann GmbH, Wiesenbronn
Material HI-MACS®, Alpine White
German Design award 2018 goes to HI-MACS® display in the Sparkasse Bank
Location Pforzheim, Germany
Design Die Werft Raißle & Sieber PartG mbB Ausstellungsgestaltung Innenarchitektur
Fabrication Friedrich Hanselmann GmbH & Co. KG / Hasenkopf Holz und Kunstoff GmbH & Co. KG
Material HI-MACS® Arctic White
Luxury on the rooftops of Munich
Location Munich, Germany
Design Karl Dreer GmbH, Germany
Fabrication Karl Dreer GmbH, Germany
Material HI-MACS®, New Moon, Ice Queen, Babylon Beige, Grey