Format kitchen - A perfect symbiosis between oak and HIMACS

Inside this home, in the famous city of Gouda, Netherlands, an elegant blend of materials – oak and HIMACS – turns the different elements of the kitchen into a cohesive design, in perfect harmony with the rest of the space.

The company Format was there at the start of construction; from the division of space, to the design and production of all interior components, including the kitchen.

Both functional and stylish, the kitchen’s design plays with the materials. The amazing island stretches around 4 metres in length, and with its worktop and sides made entirely of HIMACS Alpine White, the built-in natural oak shelf provides a spectacular contrast, while teaming with the smoked oak features in the background.

Because HIMACS can be worked like wood, but with the sturdiness of stone, the two materials pair perfectly together, both functionally and aesthetically. In addition, the non-porous surface and seamless assembly of HIMACS make it durable and hygienic, perfect for a kitchen environment.

As the finishing touch, the delicate bevelled, natural oak trimming connects the countertop to the base, creating an air of sophistication. At the end of the island, a dining area completes this functional island with space to sit, eat and chat.


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