Eden Plus Collection
A one-of-a-kind palette with warm natural shades and various grain sizes. What makes the collection unique: it contains a minimum of 6% or 10% of SCS certified pre-consumer recycled content. The Eden Plus collection is available upon request. Minimum quantity orders apply.
Other collections
Granite, Quartz, Sand & Pearl Collections
Ultimate elegance thanks to lively textures, harmoniously natural tones and maximum subtleness. The Granite, Quartz, Sand & Pearl collections are perfect either alone or in combination with other colours. Three of the granite colours contain recycled content for an environmentally friendly solution.
Marmo Collection
The HI-MACS® Marmo Collection provides colours to address the current trends for top-quality marble aesthetics, ranging from semi-translucent white, through shades of grey, to striking dark brown and anthracite tones.