When quality and aesthetics count:  custom-made HIMACS elements complement this light-filled Dutch Villa

The bathroom and kitchen have long stopped being purely functional rooms – they now represent an additional opportunity to put your personal touch on your space. While the kitchen must meet high standards of functionality, longevity, durability, aesthetics and comfort, modern bathrooms should above all aim to impart a sense of well-being without compromising on hygiene and ease of cleaning. In a villa in the Netherlands, HI-MACS® Solid Surface material shows how versatile and far-reaching its applications are.

In the Dutch province of North Brabant, the owners of a villa being newly built opted for a design with large, light-filled rooms. The interior design is dominated by bright, friendly colours and materials that ooze quality while also cultivating a relaxed and calming atmosphere. The 3 bathrooms and kitchen were designed by Dutch label Baths by Clay, a specialist in custom-made, visually striking and timeless aesthetics. The experts opted for HI-MACS® Solid Surface material throughout in Alpine White.

To create a balanced bathroom ambiance, custom washbasins were made from HI-MACS®. The seamless, wall-mounted counters feature integrated ‘Basic 2.0’ washbasins by Baths by Clay – all made from the Solid Surface material. A highlight of the design is the square drain cover, which matches the linear look of the washbasin. A slightly rounded inner edge makes it easy to clean and strikes a perfect balance between design and functionality. To achieve a uniform look throughout the bathroom, the fronts of the wall cabinets were also made from the Solid Surface material in the same Alpine White colour. HI-MACS® splash guards were fitted into the wall and feature integrated power sockets to ensure a consistent design.

The Solid Surface material features especially prominently in the shower and the additional WC: all of the walls in these two areas have a seamless cladding. The silk-matt elegance of HI-MACS® Alpine White is pleasant and warm to the touch. It also offers an unbeatable combination of design and functionality: the material is not just solid and scratch-proof, thus making it especially durable, but also its flush, seamless installation makes the surface particularly hygienic and easy to clean, since bacteria have no chance to accumulate.

Spacious and elegant

Baths by Clay brought the white elegance of the bathroom through to the kitchen as well. The impressive free-standing kitchen island was given an L-shaped, 4.80 m long work surface with a seamlessly integrated sink, all in HI-MACS® Alpine White. The 1.50 m breakfast bar offers space for at least four people.

The work surface measures 7 cm thick and sits on below-counter cabinets offering generous storage space. The ten drawer fronts and four doors were also made from the durable Solid Surface material for a consistent look throughout. Modern push-to-open technology allows for a flush design flow without the interruption of handles.

The kitchen design is completed with floor-to-ceiling cabinets with fronts in HI-MACS®. Measuring 2.60 m tall, they offer additional space for numerous appliances and food items. It is a kitchen designed to celebrate the art of cooking and be the area of the home where food and well-being meet for the entire family.

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