HI-MACS® clads terminal 2F of the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris

Every day, the Charles de Gaulle international airport in Paris welcomes thousands of passengers, who are often in a hurry, and the facility needs to cope with chaotic conditions at times.
Terminal 2F recently unveiled a brand new entrance hall, consisting of three pillars, all entirely made of HI-MACS®. Marc Fidelle, and Andrei David, architects from the Paris Airport Engineering and Architectural Management were looking for a hard-wearing material, which could satisfy the needs relating to public premises. This is the first new-generation acrylic stone, which was deemed ideal for such a busy venue due to its sophisticated technology. To complete this project successfully, the architects worked closely with LCCA, a furniture manufacturer specialising in this exceptional material.

The columns are strategically placed at the entrance to departures, to funnel travellers into the security area, and support the imposing roof above. It had to give passengers a sense of peace and tranquillity during the boarding process, an experience which some feel quite anxious about. The pillars, which distinguish this new entrance hall, contain the various networks and air conditioning systems for the public area. An ultra-sturdy and easy-to-process material was therefore required for the project, and HI-MACS® appeared to be the ideal solution.

These three modern and sleek HI-MACS® pillars measuring 13, 6 and 4.5 metres wide – appear to be seamless - recalling the bow of a cruise liner. This organic and mono-block design was made possible thanks to the thermoformability of this Solid Surface material, which can be worked into the most complex and original shapes. This technique was indeed a genuine innovation for the architects, who wanted a pliable shape, capable of housing within its very structure the air conditioning control unit and the various networks.

These pillars were built in brilliant HI-MACS® Alpine White, which makes the inside of the airport altogether brighter. With their sleek and innovative design, the pillars give off a soothing sense of serenity. They are also appealing in a rather sensual way, with their curves, tactile surface and their rounded silhouette.

HI-MACS® was the absolute ideal choice owing to its many qualities: it is hygienic, hard-wearing, solid and durable, easy to care for and repair. The latter quality is highly appreciated in a high-traffic area such as this airport. It is also pleasant to touch and makes for a more pleasing experience.

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