When HI-MACS® becomes art

Located in Givrand (Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie area), BENETEAU’s (a major sailing boat, yacht and motorboat manufacturer) headquarters has an original façade designed using HI-MACS® new generation acrylic stone. With thermoformable, multipurpose, ultra-resistant and non-porous properties, HI-MACS® proved to be the perfect material for the project.

The head of the company PAD, made up of 14 employees, Frédéric Périot, a licensed architect graduated from the School of Architecture in Nantes, France, takes a fresh look at incorporating buildings into their environment. He created the project’s initial design. By integrating a perforated mesh-like façade into his design, Périot knew exactly how to stand out from the other four short-listed companies selected by BENETEAU. The project had many requirements, including the challenge of designing a work in an open space in order to create a building which is fully exposed to natural sunlight. The world’s leading sailing yacht manufacturer relied on PAD for this project, which consists of two different buildings separated by a patio and connected by a glass gallery.

Wanting to follow the original design as closely as possible, BERI 21, the project manager and in-house general contractor for BENETEAU, started to look for different materials used in other façades while the structure was being designed. After discovering HI-MACS® material in a sailing yacht shower room (there is no coincidence here), the company quickly contacted HI-MACS®. Although HI-MACS® material was an obvious solution, it was officially selected only after its fastening system was tested and approved.

The main southern facing façade with the mesh-like design is built in HI-MACS® and identifies BENETEAU headquarters. Thanks to the adaptability and excellent thermoformability of this new generation acrylic stone, BERI 21 was able to create this remarkable work. The material was installed by MCS company teams. HI-MACS® is the first Solid Surface on the market to have been granted European Technical Approval and the ideal material for all different types of structures.

HI-MACS® was chosen because it helps regulate the façade which is exposed to large amounts of sunlight and reduce high levels of energy due to radiation thanks to its perforated material. Its random mesh-like design represents BENETEAU’s logo and its irregular perforated pattern gives the impression that the façade is moving, like a wave coming to cover and protect the building.



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