German Design award 2018 goes to HI-MACS® display in the Sparkasse Bank  

In the "Golden City" of Pforzheim in southern Germany, which has a 250 year history of jewellery making, the creative studio "Die Werft" was asked by the Sparkasse bank to create a unique exhibition, using innovative HI-MACS® display furniture – which has just been awarded the German Design Award 2018.

Flowing, soft shapes define the newly created "Precious Metals and Foreign Notes" service area, which has been welcoming visitors and customers to Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw since August. The studio "Die Werft" designed a modular exhibition landscape on approximately 570 square metres, combining culture, trade and finance.

Recently, the project was awarded the German Design Award 2018 for the category "Excellent Communications Design - Retail Architecture". In its summary statement, the judges commented: “It is an attractive exhibition that shortens the waiting time, it deserves an extra visit".

Brilliant white display furniture

The colours gold and anthracite contrast with the brilliant white elements of the generous service area of the bank. To complement this, the display furniture is made of the HI-MACS® solid surface material in "Arctic White". For the exhibition, "Die Werft" designed cylindrical elements resembling stacked coins, grouped into ten theme islands. They exhibit contents such as "Mythical gold", "Precious metals" or "Jewellery making" and include numerous hands-on exhibits such as a real 12 kg gold bar. Visitors are allowed to touch or lift it with both hands – as far as the integrated bullet-proof glass panel, which is directly linked with the nearest police station! Highly complex security technologies had to be integrated in many of the showcased furniture pieces, designed so that they were not visible to visitors. HI-MACS® natural acrylic stone was the perfect material for these solutions, particularly for its seamless joints, and ability to integrate exhibits or display monitors. The thermoformable material was also ideal for the perfect execution of the cylindrical shape of the display units.

HI-MACS® features meant the exhibition could stay perfect for it’s duration.

The non-porous, perfectly smooth and seamless surface of HI-MACS® guarantees easy cleaning and perfect hygiene. But the "Die Werft" designers were also impressed by the durability and resistance of the solid surface material. The interior designer Christian Raissle, one of the three managing directors of "Die Werft" explained: "When choosing our materials, we were particularly looking for materials that do not age and are extremely durable."

With an exhibition of precious metals like gold, it was important to the designers that they used a similar quality product to showcase the products, and for this HI-MACS®  proved to be the perfect partner. Even the written elements are engraved in the acrylic stone, meaning that visitors and customers of the bank will be able to enjoy the exhibition for a long time to come.

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