Desks, counters and shelving at airports are exposed to extremely heavy and constant use and being touched by travellers and staff alike. Thanks to the easy-care and exceptionally wear-resistant solid surface material HIMACS, the fixtures will look just as modern and clean after many years of use.
Other applications
Photo credits

Design Marc Fidelle and Andrei David - Paris Airport Engineering and Architectural Management, fabrication :  LCCA, photo : Mathieu Ducros

Main Features

Infinite design possibilities
Thanks to its large colour pallet, thermoforming, inconspicuous jointing and translucent properties HIMACS provides a limitless range of possibilities for even the most ambitious designs.
A robust and durable material
All high-traffic, high-strain areas require a highly functional, durable material. Stores and exhibition spaces are no exception. Fortunately, HIMACS has no trouble meeting all these criteria.
Easy to maintain
HIMACS is hard-wearing, extremely repellent to stains and is therefore very easy to look after.
Loyalty is rewarded in the long-term with a 15-year warranty for products fabricated and installed by a member of the HIMACS Quality Club.
Fire resistant
Backed up with numerous certificates that attest of its fire resistance (DIN 4102-1 - class B1, warrington fire - class 0), HIMACS is ideal for places where security is the number 1 criteria of choice.
Extra fire resistant formulation HIMACS FR
HIMACS-FR- version sheets in S728 Alpine White comply with IMO Standard Modules B+D and M1. FR sheets are especially suitable for use in public-buildings, external facades and in the marine industry.

Case studies

Gagarin Airport
Location Saratov, Russia
Design Architectural Concept: Asadov - VIP Lounge: VOX Architects
Fabrication Expromt - Fabrication Lounge VIP : Smile
Material HIMACS Alpine White S028 & Opal S302 – store walls, the space capsule, the welcome desk, the bar and the Gagarin panel in the VIP area
HIMACS at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Design Prestop bv
Fabrication Cora Techniek - Prestop bv
Material HIMACS Alpine White
A new Lufthansa Lounge at Milan Airport with HIMACS
Location Milan, Italy
Design Kitzig Design Studios GmbH & Co. KG
Material HIMACS, Alpine White and Lunar Sand