LG Hausys : A strong component of a global leader

Founded in Seoul, Korea in 1947, LG Group has grown to be a global leader in the chemicals, electronics, telecom and services industries with annual sales of 156 billion USD. LG produces a variety of products that are indispensable to people’s lives and have been developed with the utmost concern for the environment.



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LG Hausys is born from LG Chem’s spin-off on April 1, 2009. Employing more than 4’270 employees in the world, LG Hausys is split in 3 sections: Industrial Film, Automotive and Building & Interior, to which HI-MACS® belongs. LG Hausys Europe GmbH is the regional headquarters of LG Hausys. The office integrates European Sales & Marketing operations of HI-MACS®. The Solid Surface material is fabricated in Oksan plant in Korea and in Atlanta’s plant in the USA. To learn more about LG Hausys, please visit www.lghausys.com