HIMACS verleiht einem atemberaubenden Wohnhaus in Bratislava einen mondänen Stil

It’s often the case that what originally starts out as a small task, in the end turns out to be a major project. This was something the owners of a spectacular Bratislava family home soon discovered, when a simple, single room update rapidly turned into a full structural revamp using HI-MACS® solid surface throughout, transforming what was once a bland 1980s building into a cool, contemporary dream home.

With the help and vision of Rado Rick designers, the property now boasts an ergonomically flowing series of high-spec rooms with more than a nod to the suave sophistication of a James Bond villa about them. Various elements, furniture and fittings throughout have been expertly crafted out of HI-MACS® in a variety of calming colours including Alpine White, Steel Concrete, Hercules, Black and Opal. A selection of elements also feature HI-MACS® Ultra-Thermoforming for sleek, curvaceous design. The durable, strong, low-maintenance and mouldable material was the perfect choice for high traffic areas and statement pieces where form meets function thanks to a combination of acrylics, minerals and natural pigments; the ultimate solid surface for any domestic or commercial interior.

Initially, the homeowners approached Rado Rick designers to help them update a room for their youngest son. The result was so successful that another brief followed swiftly after. This time, to create a simple overall revamp of the property in order to make the house more saleable in the future. It was during the concept stage of this interior update that the separate living annexe of a senior family member became vacant, and so the idea was formed to integrate this into the rest of the family home. This was the lightbulb moment where both client and designer knew instantly that the project was moving to the next level.

The reconstruction and renovation took six years in all and has resulted in a beautifully and tastefully designed dream home with style oozing from every inch. The entrance hall is where we first get a taste of the impact which HI-MACS® can create. The extended hallway features a fully mirrored wardrobe block at one end with a seamless handle rail along the entire width, made from HI-MACS® Ultra-Thermoforming Alpine White. The pull handle design is expertly curved and moulded, opening up to reveal compartmentalised drawers within, concealing jewellery and accessories from view. Cabinets within the hallway are also crafted from HI-MACS®, this time in Steel Concrete for an urban, industrial feel.

The cloakroom features a cylindrical basin made from HI-MACS® in Hercules while a Black HI-MACS® countertop provides dramatic contrast.

Upstairs, both bathrooms have undergone a radical redesign and the designers sought innovative and dramatic ways of hiding unsightly yet practical elements from view behind furniture elements of lacquered glass and HI-MACS®.

In the main bathroom, HI-MACS® in Alpine White was used to mould the geometric basin and large shower tray while a mix of Alpine White and the translucent Opal creates unusually shaped open shelving for shampoos and shower gels. Leading up to the second level with its master suite and family bedrooms, the striking staircase is carefully lit, clean-lined and futuristic with its blocks of Alpine White HI-MACS® that lead to a custom-designed black oak bookcase beyond.

The rest of the property includes equally luxurious surroundings with a master bedroom complete with circular fireplace, freestanding bath and a glass facade at one end, a grand entertaining kitchen and dedicated wine room. The result is, quite simply, breathtaking. It was only a few weeks after completion that the global pandemic of 2020 hit and lockdown measures ensued. With travel prohibited, the owners confirmed that with all the comfort and amenities their home now provides, they barely missed their holiday destinations and their home’s reconstruction was one of the best decisions they ever made.

HI-MACS® is the perfect material choice for any project, no matter how large or small. As it can be thermoformed and moulded into any shape, it is widely used for residential and commercial applications and its mix of acrylics, minerals and natural pigments creates a seamlessly smooth, non-porous surface that offers quality, aesthetics, practicality and hygiene with a low-maintenance finish that’s easy to clean.


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