Architects: Dipl.-Ing. Volker Wiese - Kaden Klingbeil Architekten,fabricator: Kiebitzberg GmbH & Co.KG supplied by Kloepfer Surfaces ,Photographer: Dirk Wilhelmy

Colours & collections

Forms that have withstood the test of time
Allspice Quartz
G063 [12 mm], Δ15
S02 [12 mm], Δ E5
Almond Pearl
G008 [12 mm], Δ15
Alpine White
S728 [12mm], Δ E5
Alpine White
S028 [12mm], Δ E5
Arctic Granite
G034 [12 mm], Δ E5
Arctic White
S006 [12 mm], Δ15
Babylon Beige
S102 [12 mm], Δ15
S026 [12 mm], Δ15
Beach Sand
G048 [12 mm], Δ E5
S022 [12 mm], Δ15
Black Pearl
G010 [12 mm], Δ15
Black Sand
G009 [12 mm], Δ15
M103 [12 mm], Δ15
Brown Pearl
G105 [12 mm], Δ15
Coffee Brown
S100 [12 mm], Δ15
Concrete Grey
S103 [12 mm], Δ15
S009 [12 mm], Δ E5
Crystal Beige
G101 [12 mm], Δ15
Dark Night
S111 [12 mm], Δ15


Properties & Sealing

A living material for shimmering facades

A living material

HI-MACS® has natural contraction and expansion properties related to temperature changes. When HI-MACS® is applied outdoors, thermal expansion is 30 x10-6 m/°C. A suitable fixing system must therefore be selected.

To build the HI-MACS® façades, LG Hausys suggests using a structure made from aluminium sheeting and a ventilated façade system using BWM fixings.

What about seals?

HI-MACS® does not recommend using glue on the outer facade because of expansion. We suggest leaving gaps of 8 to 10 mm between each panel.

Our guarantees

HI-MACS® offers a 10 years warranty on colours' UV resistance and loss of gloss over 40%, 10 years on colour leaching and 20 years on colour peeling, swelling or delaminating. The warranty is applicable after the first installation and is only valid for the sheet material; adhesives are excluded. The conditions for this warranty are based on pratical experience and on-going tests.


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Technical factsheet

HI-MACS® performance properties

Size matters – to increase efficiency and reduce offcuts
HI-MACS® can be supplied in different sheet thicknesses, formats and sizes. Ideal for maximum cutting, minimum wastage and minimal costs. However, not all colours are available in any thickness, please see the colour charts here opposite for exact availability.
HI-MACS® fire resistant quality significantly widens the fields of application
HI-MACS® FR-version sheets are available in S728 Alpine White and manufactured to order in S801 Nougat Cream, S729 Ivory White, S706 Arctic White and S705 Grey.
Sheets in S728 Alpine White comply with the IMO Standard Modules B+D and M1. FR sheets are especially suitable for use in public buildings, external facades and in the marine industry.

Standard Format
Special Format
Change thickness (mm)
Specification   Result Unit Test methods
Flexural E-modulus Ef 8900 Mpa DIN EN ISO 178
Flexural strength α fm 76.9 Mpa DIN EN ISO 178
Breaking elongation € fm 1.01 % DIN EN ISO 178
Resistance   > 1 x 10¹² Ω EN61340-5-1
        DIN IEC 61340-4-1
Diffustion resistance coefficient µ 1807   DIN EN ISO 12572
Density   1.71 g/cm³ ISO 1183
Heat conduction λ10tr 0.636 W/mK DIN EN 12664
Resistance to thermal expansion R 0.048 m²K/W DIN EN 12664
Thermal expansion α 0.048 mm/mK prEN 14581
Linear expansion coefficient   max. 30 x 10 m/°C  
Tensile resistance σ fm 32.7 MPa DIN EN 527
Water absorption   < 0.1 % DIN EN 438 - part 12

SBI fire performance*

*applicable to HI-MACS® FR S728 Alpine White,
tested with subconstruction and insulation


  B - d0 - s1   DIN 13501